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Erm. I'm sorry. It stuck in my head.

For cala_jane because she will be the only one to get this anyways...

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: S/S/T/R/V
Fandom: HtVS

Vincent closed the doors behind Daphne and Andrea and sighed with relief.
Not that he didn't like them. Daphne was most helpful and competent, but Andrea... There was something really off about her and he still couldn't figure out what. As if her mind wasn't always in place.
"I thought they'd never leave," Timothy commented, stretching on the couch. "Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but they can be even more tiring than Hatey and Gan...Mrs. Knight," he corrected himself quickly.
Vincent glanced at him. "Did Hate hear you call her like that?"
"Gan... Mrs. Knight does so all the time."
Vincent rolled his eyes. Showed how much Timmy knew.
"So..." Tim glanced at the clock. "When will they be here?"
As soon as he finished the doors opened with a quiet jingle of the bell and one of 'them' entered.
"Scott," Vincent nodded at the newcomer. "Back from Scotland, I see," he muttered, stressing the first syllable.
He got a glare in response. "What's with that, mate? I got the same welcome from Morrigan when I picked up coffee at her place," he offered the tray with beverage mentioned.
Timmy grinned. "Nothing important."
"Right," Scott nodded as if he believed him. Not. "Where are the others?"
"Well, Spike will get here as soon as it's dark enough. And..." Vincent stopped when the bell jingled again. "I thought you were dead?"
Roger shrugged one shoulder. "I faked it."
"Don't get me wrong, it's nice that you are alive and all," Timmy started. "But... why?"
Roger sat down on the couch next to him and reached for the coffee. "They wanted me to seduce Beth. Wouldn't you rather be dead?"
Vincent managed to both nod in acknowledgment and shudder at the thought.
"I don't know..." Timmy looked thoughtful. "She is kinda hot."
"And sex is good," Scott offered, getting the looks from all the others. "What?"
"Nothing," Vincent muttered, looking disgusted.
"Sex would be okay," Roger agreed and at Vincent's grunt he shrugged again. "Well, Timothy is right, she is hot. But you'd have to actually have conversations with her."
"Ah," Scott plumped on the couch next to him. "I can see your point there, man."
"I'm still trying not to image sex with Beth," Vincent took a sip of his coffee, as if to wash down something pretty awfully tasting.
"Who's having sex with Beth?" Spike asked, walking in with grocery bags.
"According to the popular belief, Rupert," Vincent informed him.
"Must be difficult, with her here, and him in States. Do you have marshmallows? I forgot to ste... buy them."
"Third cupboard," Vincent pointed to the kitchenette. "Well, they must have. Anne is quite a proof of that."
"Yeah, unless she's Scottish," Timothy pointed out, grinning.
"Well, there's that," Vincent agreed. "Could we finish on the topic of Bethany's sex life?"
"Gladly," Roger nodded. "So, we are all here. Can we start?"
"I have supplies," Spike announced proudly, lifting the bag, full of little tubes and few carton boxes. At the looks he lowered it. "What?"
"It's Thursday, Spike."
"Ah. So, it's the other night?"
Tim nodded. "Thursday is poker. Tuesday is sex."
"Ah," Spike saddened slightly and sat down. "Well, then. Can I bet with condoms?"
Tags: fanfiction, htvs

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