Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

So, as some might have deducted from my last, very eloquent, entry, I failed the exam.
And since it was a re-sit, the bottom line is: I'm screwed. Mostly because Polish educational system sucks and if you screw up one exam *and* the re-sit on the first year, you're out.
So, I'm out.

But you know what? I'm actually kind of... okay.

So, yes, I cried my eyes out and screamed, and punched the wall, and then just lay down for a while...

...but then I ordered pizza and cala_jane came over and insisted on doing a very stupid dance...

And I got better. I will apply to available colleges and I will try again. And fail better next time.

Or maybe not fail.

The point is - I won't freakin' give up and I will get where I want, even if it will take me a gazillion re-applications and more years than I have.

You know what, world? *shows two fingers* Love you too.

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