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Oh, well. Since I've already written that...

For Cala and Khal. The rest don't know the characters anyway.

Pairing: S/S/T/V/R
Rating: R?
Fandom: HtVS

Vincent finally managed to convince Andrea to go home.
These days it was easier, because he had discovered the perfect way - you just had to mention that there was a new episode of one of her favourite TV series starting and she run home. Thank Lord.
He had no idea why the girl took to sitting in his shop for hours no end, but after winks from Morrigan and hidden grins he had gotten from Hate he preferred not to. He didn't mind that much, she created a good database of the merchandise while hanging out, but today he needed her far away.
Because today was the day.
"Tuesday," Timmy announced happily, waltzing in. "Man, I've waited the whole week."
"Indeed," Vincent agreed, removing the more priceless books out of the general couch area. It always paid to be prepared. The last known copy of Mal'dor'an compendium had been lost during the first of Tuesdays.
"Vince, mate," Scott grinned widely, coming in, Roger in tow. "Heard that congratulations are in order."
"Or condolences," Roger added, smirking. "Whichever you prefer."
Vincent scowled at them. "Neither. I'll let you know it was a necessary ordeal to ensure both mine and Hate's survival and is not to be mentioned again," he paused, thoughtful. "How do you two know anyway?"
"Oh, everyone knows," Scott offered happily. "Dear Beth kinda let it slip."
"Some tongue on that girl," Roger agreed.
There was a pause full of disbelief.
"Not what I meant," Roger muttered.
Vincent shook his head. "Still, I did get visual. Thank you for ruining the mood."
"Come on, Vince, we'll help you, ah, improve it," Timmy offered eagerly.
Roger gave him a look. "Why he so happy?"
"You don't remember?" Vincent sighed. "He won the poker game."
"Ah," Scott nodded. "And Spike lost."
Roger grinned. "Ah."
"Much so. I wonder..." Vincent stopped as the doors opened and Spike rushed inside, still slightly charring from the sunset light. "Well, then. We may begin."
"Yeah. This time I have the right supplies," Spike waved his hand with a paper bag. "You may start loosing those clothes," he grinned.
"Hey!" Timmy whined. "Not fair! He's doing this ordering thing again. I won. I top. 's the rules."
"He's right, Spike," Roger pointed out. "You set them up yourself."
"Yeah. But that was before the wanker cheated at the game."
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"Timothy, I don't think it would work anyway," Vincent shrugged. "Remember the last time? Scott maybe started, but Spike ended up topping anyway."
"Yeah, but that's why I brought these," Timmy held up metal handcuffs.
"Sweet," Scott muttered. "Where did you get those?"
"Oh, from Morrigan."
"What?" Scott almost choked while Vincent went into a coughing fit.
"Yeah... I don't know if you guys noticed or not, but Mr. Knight smiles as lot more lately than he used to."
"Hm," Vincent shrugged. "And here I thought it's because he doesn't work with Beth anymore."
"Ya know?" Timmy gave him a thoughtful look. "I've started psychology course this week..."
"And?" he got the icecold stare in return.
"And I'm starting to wonder about you and Bethany."
"Excuse me?"
"He's right, Vince," Scott nodded solemnly. "You sure do protest too much."
"Excuse me?!"
"Denial isn't just a river in Egypt," Roger agreed.
"Wait a bloody second! I don't even like her!"
"Typical," Spike agreed. "The best relationships are based on that."
"Maybe you hadn't noticed, but I'm married to Hate!"
The rest started to smile. "See?" Timmy grinned. "Told ya I can get him to admit it."
"Oh.... bugger!" Vince scowled at them. "Can we get on with the show now?"
"Sure. Loose the clothes," Spike grinned wider.
"Oh, bloody hell. Right, be it that way. Bring the handcuffs."

I'm not sorry *shrug*
Tags: fanfiction, htvs

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