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Coffee: 9 (v.bad). BSG eps watched: 5(v.good). Amusement provided by listing stupid things in LJ: lots.

Grandpa was here few minutes ago. Went like thay:
Me: Hi.
Grandpa: ... (marches straight into the kitchen)
Me: Hey!
Grandpa: Oh, hey (openst the fridge, frowns)
Me: So... how's it going?
Grandpa: Brought you soup (unpacks the soup, opens three cupboards, frowns)
Me: Oh, cool. (puts soup into the fridge, frowning at it)
Soup: is yellowish and has green fuzzy bits.
Me: Soooo...
Grandpa: How are you? (ducks to look under the kitchen table, frowns)
Me: Got thrown out of the Uni, but they said they can get me up on the second year at the other one, so I stopped contemplating suicide by electrocuting with my laptop's cable, which would be quite pointless anyway, since I lended my laptop to Cala.
Grandpa: Good, good. (frowns at the blinking clock on the oven which we still hadn't figure out how to use and we have it for a year and a half by now)
Me: It does that.
Clock: blinks.
Grandpa: (fumbles with the clock for good ten minutes) I think there's something wrong with it.
Me: *muttering* No shit. *out loud* I think you are right.
Clock: blinks.
Grandpa: So, I will be going.
Me: O-kaaay?
Grandpa: Be sure to eat soup. It's a good soup.
Me: *swears not to touch it* Sure.
Grandpa: (peeks to the bathroom to see if it's clean there. It isn't, but he makes a point of Not Commenting)
Me: Say 'hey' to Grandma.
Grandpa: (peeks to Mom's room to see if it's tidy. It's not. He Frowns)
Grandpa: (avoids looking into my room. He knows it's a Mess Zone And Possibly Radioactive)
Grandpa: (finds broken doors of the wardrobe in the hall)
Me: Mom broke it.
(What? 'S true.)
Grandpa: (spends half an hour repairing the doors)
Doors: continue to be broken.
Grandpa: I'll be back tomorrow to repair them.
Me: Sure. *note to self: don't tell mom and be far away*
Granpda: I'm going then.
Me: (holds the doors helpfully) Take care! (waves)
Me: (closes the door)
Me: (bangs head)

Don't get me wrong, I love my Grandpa. But the last time he was here he started to clean the toilet.

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