Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Soooo.... I've been going through some older graphics I made and decided some aren't all that bad.

Here are wallpapers I made long time ago and I don't think are utter crap.

Woe is us.
Free Image Hosting at

Wes/Fred/Gunn inspired by Bridget Jones' Diary II poster.
I'm easily amused, obviously.
Free Image Hosting at

Eliza Dushku.
I still like the simple look...
Free Image Hosting at

My first affair with Dodge tool...
Free Image Hosting at

Fresley and BeeGee.
Still my two het OTP.
Free Image Hosting at

Fresley again.
Obsessed much?
Free Image Hosting at

I really regret not saving the manips I did for that...
Free Image Hosting at

Buffy and Faith.
This blood stain always freaked me out.
Free Image Hosting at

Want, take, have.
Comments are nice. You've seen my latest graphics, did I improve?

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