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Coffee: 2(v.good). Brownies: 0(run out of). God's met: 1(but holey moley cycling Christ!).

I often meet guys I find attractive. Well, at least, quite handsome or quite cute.
But I never go into full hot-an-bothered mode. Never. I get attracted, then interested, then if he's smart and funny maybe I get *interested*.

But today I've seen a guy I could fuck marry right there that instant.
On the bus. I looked up from the book and I couldn't look away.

You know the moments you feel like you've seen the fireworks and/or heard a music theme?

Well, I did hear the music theme and it was coming from my iPod. And it was 'Come Here Boy' by Imogen Heap. Very appropriate.

Glasses, Daniel's s9 beard, brown leather jacket. I seriously think I'm in love.

Especially since I was staring at him for good ten minutes and he seriously could think I'm stalkerish and generally mad, but he just smiled at me when I was leaving the bus.

I should have said something... I really should have. But I don't think I would be able to.

Maaaaaaan. He was fracking gorgeous.


Oh, well. Have new sexual fantasy material. So it's all well.
Tags: random insanity
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