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Three drabbles posted for Gilewench's Monday Mini-Challenge #21 on GilesRulesBaby.

Challenge was: Three people think about Giles.



How often I used this word? Old friend, my friend, young friend...
How often I meant it?
Friendship is caring, caring make you weak.
Never in my whole life I cared about anyone, and I'm proud of it.
Of course, he was a bloody exception...
I hated him for it for so long, I will love him for it forever...
Here's to you, Ripper.


To watch. To observe. To train. To not interfere.
Never interfere, never care, never let your heart reign supreme, to impair
your judgement.
Many failed in this in passed years, but no one so far made it their main
He, of course, was different.
Not that it saved him at the end.
...but it saved her, and so it saved the world...
I sometime wonder what would have happened if we send someone else.
Not as... colorful as he was.


There are so many words I wanted to say. So many things to tell you.
I never had chance.
Never told you that I cared, didn't I?
I did. I do. You made me care, Giles.
I thought that I can not feel, but I did, only it were wrong feelings, so
You saw it, didn't you? Of course you did, you always noticed everything
about me.
Part of the job description, huh?
So you've left. You had left me then and you left me now...
... only now you've gone to a place where I can go after you...
...was there once.

Tags: btvs, fanfiction

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