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Interest meme, because I need to kill time while I'm waiting for the call from Uni and my hands are shaking too much to do vids or graphics...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. brian kinney:
    Ah, Brian. So not my type, so fucking attractive. I remember Cala Jane going on and on about him before I saw QaF and I was mostly 'yeah, dude. whatever'. And then I saw him. And Justin wasn't kidding about the 'face of a God' thing. If you were a God, wouldn't you choose to be Brian Kinney?
  2. daniel/vala:
    A case of 'omgwtf I ship het and I love it'.
    I love Vala. She's all I could want from Mary Sue in SG Universe and still, she isn't annoying, but sexy, sassy, funny and man, does she drive Daniel insane. My choice for: 'give them spin-off' category.
  3. firefly:
    Duh. Is there anyone who doesn't think Firefly is the awesomeness? There is? Dude, go and actually watch it. It's one of the very few shows where I can't decide on pairings/fav characters because I love, love, love everyone.
    Is Serenity here yet?
  4. jack/daniel:
    Because they are hotness. I adore Daniel, as everyone knows and with Jack they are more than perfect. And come on, even Chris Judge says they are together *nod*
  5. lt. kettch:
    Ah, Kettch. Best Ewok pilot EVER. And where he hadn't been! Come on. Wedge's lap, Wes'... well. Yeah. Kay. Done here.
  6. ncis:
    This is one crack show. Both me and Cala are giggling, squeeing, and generally bouncing at the thought of the new season premiere.
    We don't have such reactions to premieres of Lost, DH or VM.
    It. is. brilliant.
    And it has Mark Harmon in it.
  7. queer as folk:
    Well, you know. Brian. Justin. Lots of sex. Debbie. Emmett. What's not to love?
  8. sean bean:
    He has a bad luck. I really need to see a movie where he doesn't die ;)
    Oh! methinks there was one. He was naked there and kissing a guy. We watched it on out Culture and Art lectures.
    No, really.
    It was about a painter or sth but I hadn't paid attention to details. Because Sean. Bean. Nekkid. Kissng. A. Guy.
    My brain likes the gutter. Will send postcards
  9. tea:
    That's obvious. My addiction. Duh.
  10. wedge antilles:
    Ah, Wedge. If I had to choose only one of my all imaginary boyfriends, it would be him. Why? How much time do you have?
    Oh, just go and read X-Wing books.

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