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Pegasus non-spoilery thoughts:


Thank you, I needed to let it out. They want me to wait till January? Are they fucking nuts?

I know most of the people had to wait for the even bigger, s1 finale cliffhanger to resolve over summer, but I didn't. I just got all the eps till 208 together. And now they're making me wait? Frackers.

BSG 'Pegasus' spoilery thoughts under the cut.

Cain=Bitch. Anyone who undermines Adama is a pillock in my book, but she gets double for being an idiot. Not that I'm prejudiced.
Although, no, don't think she's a Cylon. She's too much of a bitch.

My love towards Lee continues. Although that comment about Adama being his name? I could relate to 'Daddy's Boy' comment. I mean, he does show-off. A far cry from his behaviour from the beginning of the series where he would give anything for a different name, eh? I know his relations with Bill changed, but still.

Roslin. Much love this time. I adore her relations with Adama. The reactions to Cain taking over and later her talk with Bill? Aaaaw, cute. I like her this way. I love them together :)

I think they're trying too much to make the Pegasus crew look like a bunch of pillocks. I mean, I get the commander and the interrogator guy, they are evil and creepy. But the rest could show at least *some* human feelings. Because, come on, Cylons are more human than they are. And I don't believe there was just a one ship in the fleet for all the assholes to be assigned to.

Loved Tyrol and Helo. Hee.

I very much like Kara's accent. Where is Katee from? I can't tell, which shames me... She has a great intonation when she throws off cheerfull comments or smiles. Her voice raises a little then and it sound way cool.

Gina the Six. Owch. Oooowch. I mean, that? I felt sorry for Boomer few times, but the way she's treated on Galactica in comparison to the tortures and rapes on Pegasus? Woah. Gaius breaking. Nicely done. Liked.

General thoughts: WOAH. I want to see how this resolve.

Like, now.


No? Well, I just thought I'd mention that.
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