Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Duncan. I didn't like him last season, and suddenly I do? WHAT happened?
Veronica's hair. Adorable.
Keith. And Wallace. And Keith&Wallace. They are love.
Dick! His comments about Veronica? So much love.
Meg. When did she became a bitch? Oops. Think she's dead. Ooooops.
Weevil's earring. WTF, mate? And LOVE, too. Am undecided.
Veronica/Duncan. I surprisingly approve. Am probably sick.
Logan. He's back to being the obligatory jackass. And it was going so well.
Charisma. Woooah. And it looks as if she's having fun playing the bitch again. That's fun.
Wallace again. He's love.
Dick and Casey in credits, hee.
I'll go and rewatch so maybe I'll have some normal thoughts.

Surprisingly slow and momentarily boring ep after the last week's bang.
Liked the change of perspective on the hatch story, but would prefer something *more* than just last week's event.
Kate and chocolate bars. liked. Would totally do same.
Kate almost getting shot. BLAST! And we were SO close!
Desmond is a dumbass. I mean, seriously. You see frightened little Kate and next to her Locke, with his scar and piercing eyes and appearing totally in control and you choose to tie HER just because Locke SAYS she's a fugitive? Maaaaan, no wonder you've been locked up so long. Can't help the stupid.
Sawyer's hair. Fugly. Not as much as Jack's last week, which was fugly, fugly, FUGLY, but enough to spoil my viewing pleasure.
No Sayid this week. Bleh.
Flashbacks. Boring. Knew all that anyway. Although kiddie!Walt is cute. And OMGPolarBear!
Next week with Ana Lucia. Nice.
I demand more Sayid.

Susan is an idiot.
Mike is love.
Bree is awesome.
Rex's tie cracked me up.
I TOLD you Zach is Mike's son. No one believed me. THERE.
Lynette mulitasking. Hee.
New neighbours. AWESOME.

We need to stop predicting the events with Cala Jane because we are right too often.
Zeva talks about her sister.
Cala: Oh, please, could it get more cliche?
Me: Yeah, it coul.
Cala: You're right. Someone could be someone else's brother.
Me: Exactly.
Ten minutes later. Zeva announces Ari is her half-brother.
Also. DAUGHTER? Gibbs has/had a daughter?!
And is it wrong of me that it just opens new Mary-Sue possibilities, even though I fancy pants of Gibbs' ass?
I knew I had issues, but...
Don't like Zeva. Still unsure about Jen.
Abby/McGee are adorable.
Gibbs brought Tony pizza!
Ducky's car. I almost cried with laughter. AWESOME.
Ducky's ringtone. Also love.
Credits are even better than last year. And when all the other shows compete for the Lamest Credits Ever award, that's great.

Real Life stuff:

I wonder if I should sue my dad for alimony.

I mean, I know I should.
Fact: He hadn't seen me since June LAST year.
Fact: He hadn't phoned since what? April?
Fact: He hadn't even offer any money to Mom, even though she pays for everything now.
Fact: Mom gave him money when they were divorcing, even though for the last six years she was the one to earn money for the house and all the money (very little) he earned he spent on himself.
Fact: I'm going to have to pay tuition this year, which means it will be MOM to pay it.

But I still feel bad about it. I mean, he's my father. Sueing him for money seems...

I should do this, right?

And the worse thing is, Mom isn't even convincing me. She said it's my decision.

I should?

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