Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

1. I AM making the interests icons, however slowly. Should be done by tomorrow.

2. colourful_muse, the contest... I will try to be online the whole weekend in case you'd be needing any help with that.

3. Happy birthday to catvampcrazines and happy belated birthday to _touched. Name your character/pairing, I shall make icons for you. Unless you'd prefer a banner. Or a drabble. Or, well, tell me what you want :D And happy birthday :)

4. Studies are cool. We have two weeks of advanced practical English now, for the teachers to realize who they are dealing with and all. Which is boring. But gods know I need revision so yay. And we had the first History of English lecture and holey moley batman. We'll have a test of reading comprehension sometimes in the future and... woah. Good thing it's not a test of pronounciation because... weird.

5. Is it normal to be so tired? I go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 8am and am fracking dead all the time... I think I'm sick. Probably some of that flu that goes around. Or maybe I'm getting old...

6. One person in my group (that consists of 14 people) knows what slash is. And she writes it. Compared to the last one (60 people, no one knew) it's majorly good.

7. I need to catch up on the last eps of... well, everything. So see ya tomorrow :)

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