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Am lazy LJer lately. Not commenting, not posting. Bad me. Sorry. If there's something I should read, let me know.

Cala made me a soundtrack for the_fund. Noelia/Wedge soundtrack. Is beyond coolness. Is also MarySueish but whatever.

Went with people from the uni to drinks. Am a cheap drunk and easily amused so it was fun. Two beers. One makes me drunker than drunk usually, so this post maybe isn't in english as a result, but whatever. Fun.

They showed us a movie about Ghandi today. At least I know who Ghandi was, cuz the last time they showed movie I had no idea. It was about this guy, you know, the guy? You probably don't know because I don't know. Still.

This uni is funner than the one that I went to before. Am biased because they, like, failed me on that Uni, maybe. But the people are more fun. We will have a Halloween party on Halloween and who doesn't dress up won't get alcohol.

Mom said it's probably a good idea if I don't dress up.

Don't think so.

The icon is with a bottle because I have kinda feeling I'm slightly drunk. But I still can type so it can't be that bad.

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