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Happy birthday to soft_princess!!!

Name your poison... erm... present. Banner, icons, drabble...?

I'm a little behind things, mostly promised banners and graphics, but I'm getting there. Tomorrow is the Education Day (or whatever you'd call it in English) so I'm celebrating it by slacking and not going to the Uni. Hee. Well, I'm kinda sick and need to lie down anyway. Or sit, as the case may be... so I shall catch up with things and writings and graphics tomorrow. So, if you're waiting for something from me, don't worry, chances are I'll do it tomorrow :)

Also. Am not getting comments notifications OR mails. Gmail hates me lately. WTF? I'd say 'hit me on aim if you need sth' but aim is not working either. So blah.

Also. Just read my yesterday's entry... it's weird. Especially weird since I don't remember writing it. *shrug* Oh, well. At least my grammar isn't ALL that bad when I'm drunk. Almost normal.

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