Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

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1. computer works again. good.

2. am slightly hung over. bad.

3. signed up for fanfic100. crazy.

4. going to sleep and then make banners and then catch up and then do homework and then do extrawork I *asked* for and then maybe eat something and day quite possibly go and die. I need, need, *need* at least four more hours every day cuz I don't have *time* for anything.

5. started old english. cool.

6. mail doesn't work. bad.

7. generally - word suck.

8. but if it didn't, we would all fell off.

9. will post big damn table soon. you may as well ignore it.

10. know i owe people stuff. forgive me? will get to it as soon as i can think *and* type at the same time

11. i do know how to use shift key, i just don't feel like it.

12. there should be 'hung over' mood in the mood theme

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