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Pavlov's fault.

It's all because of that psychology essay... Now I have all those things in my head.


Read it. All I'm saying is it's Giles' pov, and that I'm still sticking to the 100 rule so yay me.



That’s what happened, I assure you. I simply started to associate the unrelated stimulus with the… ah, the stimulation, actually.

It is perfectly understandable that the reinforcement took place… the effect was always pleasurable, and the pattern stayed in my mind. If there is a pleasure after the reaction, said reaction is more successful in lasting.

So, is it so strange that when I hear children calling their goodbyes and farewells, and when the library’s door shut, I go to my office and brace myself over the desk, waiting for Wesley?

Trained Pavlov’s pet, and the bell is ringing.


Tags: btvs, fanfiction

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