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Psychology drabbles, part two.

It was created by random professor's comment on one of my psychology lectures...

Still 100 words, yay me :D

Anyway... in my mind it was Angel/Wes, but if you want to treat it the other way (S/X, for example, Cala :D, or any other human/vampire pairing... you actually can)




First and ultimate experience, the constant companion. You learn to withstand it, ignore it, savour it… The same stimuli are responsible for pain and pleasure; the same receptors recognize them…


The difference is only in mind. 


People are addicted to pleasurable things. You wouldn’t think wrong of me if it was chocolate I’d crave.


You won’t think wrong of him, because that’s his nature…


You think it’s wrong that when his fangs pierce my skin I close my eyes, when he drinks I shiver, when I feel dizziness from the blood loss, I scream…


...not in pain, oh no.


Tags: ats, fanfiction

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