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wishlists 2005

This is mostly for my convenience - I don't want to hunt them down later. It will be updated as people post their lists.

But if you want and hadn't seen those yet, check them out. Maybe you can make someone's wish come true?

And if you're not here and you posted yours - let me know.
If you hadn't post yours yet - DO SO and link me.

Wishlists' list:

trunks_angel: here
anothersadsong: here
_touched: here
deviantfantasy: here
cala_jane: here
colourful_muse: here
wannablessedbe: here
nastey: here
scatterheart: here.
jillrenay: here
catchmelike: here
naughtyelf: here
glimmergirl: here
theferretgirl: here

More probably to come.

And mine, of course, is here

I also need a Christmasy icon, methinks. I'm getting into the mood, already.
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