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Kay, the last drabble for today... man, I need to write het sometime.

S/X, NC-17, for cala_jane




He was afraid before. Of pain, risk, of… he doesn’t remember.

“Just like this, pet,” the voice caressing his skin, coldness of lips against warmth, short sting of fangs and soothing touch of tongue…

Red tears rolling down his shoulder, licked eagerly.


Ecstasy of loosing control, comfort of offering himself, satisfaction of being accepted… he’s all feelings now, raw emotions and pure need.


Fingers in his hair, hard cock against his, the constant flow, the everlasting drain…


Moans silenced by his lover’s lips, sweet taste of his own blood drives him over the edge.


Xander is not afraid anymore.


Tags: btvs, fanfiction

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