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one of those breathing tornadoes

v 23.2: eye of the storm

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30 May 1985
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Noelia is currently 25, slightly insane and often overenthusiastic about everything and nothing in particular.
She tends to talk too much, make weird awful puns, and correct others to the point of obsession.
Two of those qualities led her to study to become a teacher of English.
She also likes referring to herself in 3rd person singular, or in the Royal 1st Person Plural.
INTERESTS english, tv, forensics, procedural dramas, colour coding, geeking out
BOOKS Pratchett, Deaver, Gaiman, Austen
TV batman, csi:ny, btvs, ats, merlin, csi, doctor who, torchwood, house, heroes, himym, bones, stargate, firefly, sarah connor chronicles, gossip girl, ncis, white collar, generation kill, west wing, legend of the seeker, big bang theory, castle, lie to me, star trek, etc
stop.look.listen: fic archive.
I think so, yes: graphics

Bisexuality is Real.

Marriage is love.

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alexis denisof, alias, amy acker, angela/jones, anthony stewart head, aragorn, ats, aziraphale, barney stinson, barney/robin, batman, batman/gordon, battlestar galactica, bones, books, bookshops, british accent, british literature, bruce/gordon, btvs, buffy/giles, cats, chocolate, coffee, colin firth, csi, csi: new york, csi:ny, daniel jackson, dark angel, dean/jo, denis lawson, dictionaries, doctor who, don eppes, don flack, dr horrible, eddie cahill, eliza dushku, england, english, ewan mcgregor, fanfic, farscape, feminism, firefly, fred burkle, fred/giles, fred/wesley, gary oldman, gary sinise, gibbs/dinozzo, gil grissom, giles, giles/wesley, glasses, gordon/batman, grissom/sarah, handcuffs, hobbie klivan, house, house/wilson, hugh laurie, icons, illyria, ink, insanity, jack/daniel, jane austen, jessica alba, jo, john sheppard, john/rodney, kinks, kirk/mccoy, languages, libraries, lightsabers, little britain, logan, london, lotr, lt. kettch, lyrics, mac taylor, mac/flack, magick, maps, marion zimmer bradley, meta, michael shanks, mint, moon, mr. darcy, natalie portman, ncis, nescafe, obi-wan, paper, pens, philology, photoshop, pilots, porn, psychology, queer as folk, quotes, reading, rhymes, robert downey jr, rodney mckay, rogue squadron, rpg, rupert giles, sarah sidle, sean bean, sex, sg-1, sheppard/weir, slash, smut, star trek, star wars, stargate, supernatural, susan/jones, talking, tea, terry pratchett, the dark knight, ties, tori amos, tweed, vanilla, vaughn, veronica mars, vimes, wedge, wedge antilles, wes janson, wesley wyndam-pryce, winifred burkle, writing

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